Horses, as our co-facilitators, work to encourage a deeper connection between personal and interpersonal relationships. Willow Equine offers an unconventional approach to traditional talk therapy, team building and business development. It is about reflection, analysis, and action.

Clients can develop authenticity, empowerment and collaboration while learning about themselves and others. The human/horse interaction fosters development of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. It is proven to be the most powerful approach to helping client's achieve and sustain personal and professional growth! 

Equine-assisted work promotes more effective changes and more rapid growth compared with traditional clinical and psycho-educational approaches.



"I had the privilege of visiting Willow Equine and their animals today. I was given a demonstration of what their serviced offer. It took me back! I was a little more emotional than I thought and walked away feeling "WOWed!"

I recommend this to everyone! From corporate team building to depression to Autism and beyond - this will help in ALL aspects of you and your loved one's life. They CAN help! "

Charlotte Parent Magazine

The Eagala Model of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy & Personal Development


Come with a Goal ... Come with Curiosity ... Come to Be


Christian Henson, with Spectrum Local News - Charlotte, visited Willow Equine and captured the impact our horses can offer clients of all ages! Watch It Now!