EAC incorporates horses experientially for personal transformation and business development. It is a collaborative effort between the horses, a Leadership Coach, and equine specialist.

Together as a team, Willow Equine works with the coachees and horses to address and achieve specific goals. It is a ground based model, which means there is no riding involved.

EAC is a non-traditional approach to coaching and business development that is growing in popularity. This is a powerful model to take the lead in your life and business!


Equine Assisted Coaching (EAC)

Mooresville, NC

The day that I reached out to Katie was the best decision that I could have ever made. I was stuck in a "rut" in my life ... getting older, direction my life was going, feeling depressed, lack of attention to my goals in life.

Having Katie as my Leadership Coach, has helped me identify ways to resolve my problems and fears in my personal and professional life. Katie has an exceptional ability and insight to assess my situation and offer tools, processes and "homework" to help me reach my goals, my personal well-being and change my way of thinking.

She has motivated me to find my inner self and feel better about myself! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Katie and how awesome she is! I am a better person today because of Katie. She truly is a blessing in my life. Looking for a Leadership Coach ... Katie is the one!


It is common to hear about programs incorporating the Eagala model in psychotherapy, but it is still not widely recognized in the personal growth / business sector. We are changing that though! The opportunity for employees to step out of the office, interact with horses THEN interpret their own experiences is enlightening. This increases their personal awareness, which improves team dynamics.

We are all leaders in our lives and need to be operating at our maximum potential. Time at the farm and with our horses, allows coachees to identify symbols, potential metaphors, see how they are showing up and the impact it is having. How you do anything is how you do everything! How are you showing up? If you are wondering if you need a therapist or a coach, read this article!

Equine Assisted Coaching makes for an eye-opening Team Building Activity for companies as well!


"Take the Reins" coaching programs identifies where you are, whats holding you back and where you want to be! All programs include such tools as the ELi assessments, and the Sacred Money Assessment. Connect Now!

Level of Individual Coaching Programs:

First Steps Program
4) Weekly 50-minute Coaching Sessions (For 1 Month)
Hitting the Trails Program
12) Weekly 50-minute Coaching Sessions (For 3 Months)
Advanced Program
24) Weekly 50-minute Coaching Sessions (For 6 Months)

The 48 HR Breakthrough is coming to Charlotte on February 25-26, 2019! It is a  POWERFUL 2-day intensive workshop that will ignite a powerful version of yourself, redefining failure, and transforming you into a stronger leader. It incorporates teaching tools and exercises unlike any program you've ever encountered. The experience is supported by equine assisted personal development.

All our work with horses is on the ground; that means no riding, and no prior experience with horses is required. In this setting, the horses are the teachers and clients are the student. Horses bring powerful breakthroughs for people.

These equine assisted sessions offer participants the opportunity to put to practice what they are learning in a safe environment where the dynamics that are not working for them in life and business can emerge in a metaphor. It is learning in 3D!

The 48 HR Breakthrough has been helping business professionals bust through barriers that keep them from reaching the success they desire for more than a decade. E-mail us and my team will contact you to schedule a no pressure, no obligation conversation! Ask about the Eagala member discount. Click Here for more information

"Increase Your (Mental) Core" allows you to get to the core of your being and hold up mirrors to your perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. This will allow you to reach the full potential of your personal strengths and puts you on a new path to financial and spiritual alignment and success Connect Now!

 "Increase Your (Mental) Core" Program:
10) Weekly 50-minute Coaching Sessions
Weekly Assignments & Reflective Workbook