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EAL incorporates horses experientially for personal growth and learning. It is a collaborative effort between the horses, a mental health professional, an equine specialist and a certified leadership coach. Together as a team, Willow Equine work with the clients to achieve specific goals, personal transformation and business development. It is a ground based model, which means there is no riding involved.

EAL is a non-traditional approach to coaching and business development that is growing in popularity. This is a powerful model to take the lead in your life and business! The opportunity for employees to step out of the office, interact with horses THEN interpret their own experiences is enlightening. This increases their personal awareness, which improves team dynamics.

We are all leaders in our lives and need to be operating at our maximum potential. Time at the farm and with our horses, allows clients to identify symbols, potential metaphors, see how they are showing up and the impact it is having. These experiences can be for the business owner, management, OR full team member development with a focus on money, leadership or your team goals.

EAL is psycho educational, goal or learning based. Clients are working on learning new skills with a distinct timeline. Sessions can be held in groups. Click here to read, "Do I need a Therapist or a Coach?"



It is a POWERFUL 2-day intensive workshop that will ignite a powerful version of yourself, redefining failure, and transforming you into a stronger leader. It incorporates teaching tools and exercises unlike any program you've ever encountered.  The horses are the teachers; clients are the student.

  The 48 HR Breakthrough has been helping business professionals bust through barriers that keep them from reaching the success they desire for more than a decade. E-mail us and my team will contact you to schedule a no pressure, no obligation conversation.

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"Increase Your Mental Core" COACHING PACKAGES

"Increase Your (Mental) Core" allows you to get to the core of your being! This 10 week program transforms how you think and feel about money, relationships and most importantly yourself.

Opportunities are all around, your Top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes are what energize those opportunities. Remember – How you do money is how you do everything! Sessions can be done with the horses or over the phone.

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This customized and intense program identifies where you are, the barriers holding you back and the support to reach your goals! Sessions can be done with the horses or over the phone. You will receive and achieve:

~ A Quantified Energetic Profile in Life & Stress

~ A Spiritual & Financial Alignment Profile

~ A Detailed Action Plan for Life or Business

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We come from many backgrounds with expertise in varying methods with horses. Our individual goals may vary, but we all share core values and one common objective: to make the world a better place through our heart-centered equine facilitated/assisted work. Watch our 3 minute video!

Our goal is to create a community where we can share, encourage, learn, and grow so that we can bring greater healing to the world with horses.  We support the growth of your current practice using the certifications you already have in place. (Eagala, E3A, PATH, OK Corral, Horse Boy Method, Natural Lifemanship, EPONA, etc ... No One is Excluded)

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