~ Assertiveness
~ Communication (Nonverbal & Verbal)
~ Creative Thinking
~ Leadership
~ Problem Solving Skills

EAL incorporates horses experientially for personal growth and learning. It is a collaborative effort between the horses, a mental health professional, an equine specialist and a certified leadership coach. Together as a team, Willow Equine work with the clients and horses to address and achieve specific goals. It is a ground based model, which means there is no riding involved.

The rEAL Team Development sessions offer a variety of tools, experiential equine exercises and expertise. These sessions increase individual personnel awareness as well as group dynamics. It is NOT psychotherapy; it is psycho-educational.

These experiences can be for the business owner, management, OR full team member development with a focus on money, leadership or your team goals.


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

A rEAL Development Session TESTIMONIAL


During our Breakthrough Conversation, The WE Team customizes an Action Plan based on achieving the clients' goals. When exploring a rEAL Team Development session, ask yourself these questions:

1.) What are my goals for this rEAL Team Development session?
2.) What works well in my team?
3.) What are the top 5 challenges that my team is facing?
4.) How am I going to measure the "success" of this Team Development session?

Once you have written down your answers to these questions, Contact Us! WE will create a customized rEAL Team Development program for you and your company that will dynamically shift your team's performance!

Care Manager Supervisor - Iredell Co Health Dept

"I had been working on building morale within my group of 6 employees and doing outreach with different agencies in our area to build on our knowledge of local resources. I reached out to Willow Equine and requested to visit the ranch in Mooresville for a team building exercise. I informed them of the dynamics of my staff and what I wanted to accomplish during our visit. I didn't know exactly what the exercise would entail as I would be experiencing the exercise right along with my ladies.

When we arrived at the ranch, we were given a brief overview of Willow Equine's mission and team of professionals. Over the next hour, my team was asked to move through a set of leadership and collaboration exercises. After we were done, we were given opportunities to discuss what happened, what we took out of the exercises and ask more questions.

The experience was great and we are still talking about that day! Willow Equine was very professional in gilding us through the exercise and leading the discussion after each activity to help us build on what we experienced with the horses.

I would recommend Willow Equine to anyone wishes to work on team building and boosting morale within their group. These ladies were very professional in developing an exercise to fit our needs and leading group discussion. I will definitely call upon Willow Equine again for future outings; not to mention being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery!"