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Soul to Soles offers:

     ★ Individual Counseling Sessions

     ★ Counseling Sessions for our Veterans, their Families and Children

★ Small Group Sessions for our Veterans, and their Families

     Military & Family Focused Retreats

Billable through Insurance OR scholarships are available for those without insurance.
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“Aligning Veterans’ Strengths with Horses’ Freedom for Healing”

Soul to Soles Connection is dedicated to providing a space for Veterans and their families to overcome life’s challenges. Our heroes are offered a tranquil space and the time they need to heal and grow.


Unbridled Empowerment

Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 10:00 - 2:00

Space is Limited: Scholarships Available

This 4 hour retreat is designed for all Veterans and active duty service members. Attendees build on their resilience and learn through self-discovery. They uncover the changes needed to be more successful in both military and civilian life; shifting from needing respite to a place of empowerment.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a unique model, which involves no riding, yet incorporates horses, a mental health professional and an equine specialist, to create a safe environment for healing and growth. Our Veterans learn through hands-on activities with the horses where the focus is on action, not talking. We discuss the experiences, how it may relate to everyday life, and moving forward with a newly gained clarity. We will also incorporate yoga, and breath work with horses for stress reduction.

Please complete the Retreat Application and submit it to info@WillowEquinetherapy.com 


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