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“For someone in the military like me, it’s hard to swallow my pride and ask for help.

This was a safe environment to open up in. Sometimes the horses talked for me and helped show me the path to save my marriage.”

~ Active Duty Veteran

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“The Eagala Model uses the horse to gain insight into behaviors horse’s and perceptions. The reactions provide unbiased
and real time breaking feedback, through the barriers that many experience
military members in conversations with others who cannot begin to understand what we feel because we made it back.

~ Jimmy L. Walters, COL, USA (Ret)

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The Soul to Sole Team's standards and treatment protocols promote healthy life transitions through practical application of proven principles rooted in military culture. Here’s why our program is particularly valuable for service members, Veterans and their families:

Horses are novel and engaging. The non-traditional setting help service members move beyond the perceived stigma that can be associated with talk-only therapy and office visits.

The unique qualities of the horse speed emotional breakthroughs, especially those suffering from PTSD. These highly-at-tuned animals offer safe reflection and compelling feedback for fears and anxieties military clients may be facing. In the hands of a skilled treatment team, the horses’ unique sensitivity can help clients understand their own internal processes more readily than hours of talk.

Herd dynamics can help clients understand their own lives. Observing the dynamics of a herd of horses can help clients better understand the dynamics of their own family, military unit and community and provide another positive model for collaboration, support and trust.

Foster resilience in times of high stress - experience and doing. The sessions re-create life experiences, including those involving frustrations, high stress and relationship problems. This provides opportunities for service members and their families to discover their resources and strengths and overcome perceived obstacles to change and growth in their unit, communities, and homes. Clients challenge themselves in activities with horses that remove much of the perceived stigma associated with traditional talk therapy treatment methods.

Discover real world solutions to their toughest challenges. Clients find their own solutions to the struggles in their lives. Under the direction of the Soul to Sole Team, clients build on their resilience and learn through self-discovery the changes they need to make in order to be more successful in both military and civilian life.



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“Aligning Veterans’ Strengths with Horses’ Freedom for Healing”

Soul to Soles Connection is dedicated to providing a safe space for Veterans and their families to overcome life’s challenges. Our heroes are offered a tranquil space and the time they need to heal.

Our vision is to offer the Eagala model of personal development to Veterans and their families. We honor all branches of our military and their families by providing a nonjudgmental and supportive haven - a place where concerns and struggles can be explored. The experiential nature of working with horses engages our military - active and retired - in their own healing process, with solutions that meet them squarely on their own terms. Soul to Soles Connection is committed to respecting the integrity of those who fought for our freedom. We are in partnership with the non-profit organization Horses that Heal (Tax ID #27-4605990 _ CFC #64442).


Saturday, November 23, 2019

10:00 - 2:00

This retreat is designed for any Military Members returning from a deployment or transitioning to civilian life. Attendees build on their resilience and learn through self-discovery. They uncover the changes needed to be more successful in both military and civilian life; shifting from needing respite to a place of empowerment.

Space is limited; Apply Today!