What skills can improve?

Who benefits from EAP/L?

What services are offered?

~ Individuals
~ Youth
~ Families

~ Clergy

~ Military


~ Anxiety
~ Behavioral
~ Depression
~ Mental & Developmental Needs

~ Assertiveness

~ Attitude

~ Awareness

~ Boundaries

~ Creative Thinking

~ Confidence

~ Leadership

~ Non Verbal / Verbal Communication

~ Problem Solving

~ Teamwork

Our welcome packet will be given to you by the therapist. We ask that you complete this paperwork BEFORE coming to your first session.

If you need another copy of any form, please click on the links below, print the forms and bring the completed forms with you.

~ Individual Counseling
~ Couple, Premarital & Marriage Counseling
~ Family & Group Therapy
~ Parenting & Family Systems Theory Workshops

~ Fee-Based Pastoral Counseling Supervision
~ Clergy Consultation
~ Church Staff Development

~ Leadership Coaching

~ Business Development & Team Building

Our customized sessions are solution-oriented; we are holding a safe space for stories to unfold. Clients, by interacting with the horses, create insights into their lives. With this insight, shifts and clarity emerge creating strong outcomes.

Equine Assisted Activities are beneficial to everyone! We tailor our sessions to fit your needs and goals. Willow Equine is pleased to work with clients of all ages, backgrounds and goals. The beauty of this work is the horses take what is inside and translates it into outer experiences. Watch a Vimeo on how Eagala is the global standard

When with the horses, all the work is done on the ground, deliberately free moving, never ridden, and allowed to interact with the client as they wish. This creates the space for the client, with the support of the professional facilitators, to reflect, project, and make deep connections.

Clients are the experts in their life and have the answers. The tranquility of the farm and hands-on approach allow a client to take a deep restorative breath of fresh air and find both peace and inner resilience.

Fees are in line with traditional office counseling. We accept private pay and are in network with several insurance providers. Our Veterans Program offers services at no costs without insurance. Business Development / Leadership Coaching prices are customized.

Check out our FAQ page for more answers to your questions.